PR Welcome!

Hello! Are you looking to pitch your product? If it would be a good fit for our family we would love to work something out with you.

Our family consists of 8 humans, 2 outside dogs, and 2 inside cats. The adults in the home are 46 and 40. The children are 21, 19 ,19, 14, 13, and 11. (Our 21 and 19-year-olds have flown the coop!) We enjoy playing outside along with inside. There is plenty we would love to do or try, we just live on a frugal budget.


We welcome the opportunity to review a product. Our conditions are that it be sent to us free of charge and that we are able to keep it once the review is complete. Since we are a family, products for review need to be appropriate. Please contact faith (at) heaveninourhearts (dot) com for more information.


If you would like to sponsor a giveaway through us, that would be great! We only ask that either we receive the same product also or that we are compensated in another manner. Giveaway sponsor will pay shipping costs to winners. And also as in reviews, products must be family friendly. Please contact faith (at) heaveninourhearts (dot) com for more information.

Areas of Interest

Dad enjoys video games, historical books, gardening equipment, do it yourself projects.

Mom enjoys reading fiction, photography, music, gardening, day trips with the family.

The boys...  enjoy playing outside, NERF, Hot wheels, riding bikes, going to the lake, video games (We have Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo 2DS, PSP)

We all love family movie night and we enjoy a good family game night too. The guys love the Marvel Movies and the DC TV series. We keep it on the lighter side for both.

There is more I am sure, so if you have any questions please,  contact faith (at) heaveninourhearts (dot) com for more information.