Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Flies...

We are still here. Our schedule got turned upside down worse than I thought it would when school started, and right about the time we got into that groove, school started for me.

My new goal is to post at least once or twice a week. Fall is so crazy for our family. (So is spring, but fall seems more so)

G1 & G3 are enjoying the Marching Band season with the High School. I think I mentioned how G3 was invited to join the high school band this year (she's in 8th grade). Obviously the sibling rivalry is there, but thankfully the band is big enough for the both of them. G2 is doing very well academically in the 7th grade. I think she finally adjusted to being in middle school.

The boys are enjoying being car riders. B1 brags about it because he's not getting in trouble on the bus anymore, now if he would just put all that energy to academics he would be the top of his class. B2 is in an emotional year. He is doing well with his grades, he is just more emotional since school started. B3... well, according to the mid nine weeks progress report he has all the skills mastered. I don't see the evidence in of that in the work he brings home. We are working with him though, and praying.

Life is moving fast though. I have just finished my third week of my sophomore year and I feel beat. It's just so life consuming. The amazing thing is that I see God's blessing. Financial aid covered everything, my classes fall in the schedule perfect for me taking the kids to school... now if I could just get the studying and homework done while also giving the kids enough time.

I pray each of you are blessed!