Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we pray you have a blessed holiday.

As we celebrate this special time of the year in which we choose to honor our Savior's birth, we have in our prayers those who are mourning and have sick family members.

May the Lord bless you all!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Saint Nicholas Eve...

I woke with a start as I looked at the clock, the calendar on the wall with the date circled in red... Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas day!

What does that mean for this family?

Long story short? Because of the outside influences on our family and the heavy commercialism in society, we do not have Santa Claus involved in our Christmas traditions. However, in order to keep the younger kids from feeling like they are missing out on their childhood we looked into the truth behind the jolly old elf. And thus became the acknowledgement of Saint Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas was a young man that had been orphaned and raised by monks. (long story short) He had quite a bit of money, but the custom of being a monk was to forgo all worldly possessions. In doing so, Nicholas gave his money to the poor that needed in, but he did it secretly. He did not want attention for his actions. (This is how the Secret Santa tradition got its start.)

For our family what we do is on Saint Nicholas day, December 6, we have a devotion about giving or servitude and talk about who Nicholas was and most importantly why he did what he did. The reason St. Nicholas lived the way he did was because he was a Christian and he followed Jesus.

All of that said. I know a large group of people in the Google+ Community that have grasped the true Christmas spirit and they are trying to bring Christmas about for a lot of people that could use some help. +Secret Santa is doing a great job. They have over 1000 wish lists and everybody is participating by those that can afford to buy, doing so and those that can not by helping some other way. 

We do have our wishlist listed.  You can find it here : 

Or, if you would like to send Christmas Cards (We love Christmas Cards and if you give us your address we will send one to you too)

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