Thursday, January 01, 2015

Good bye 2014... hello 2015

2014 is not a year that was amazing for us. It was a good year when lumped together, although we had many challenges. We choose to focus on the positives though.

Mom started her graduate program at APSU in Communications. Working as a graduate assistant. Not a dull moment at all.

Dad has been down a medical road that we do not want to accept. After 2 ½ years of pain, the doctors finally sent him for tests. His back is pretty messed up. We've been told it is a miracle that he can walk and move around as freely as he does. We are still seeking answers. There has to be more than just throwing medication at the pain. (Although, essential oils have helped noticeably.) Right now, he is off work to see if rest and recovery help. Our blessing is that he can walk and we are getting answers, no matter how slow it is going.

G1 has moved out, graduated cosmetology school, and in the workforce. Things aren't easy but they are getting there. She has grown up a lot this year and we are proud of her.

G2 is pressing on as life comes. Her grades in school are doing well and she is pursuing her love of drawing.

G3 is half way through her senior year in high school as Command Sergeant Major of the JROTC, student representative to the school board, working, and maintaining all As.

B1 is doing well with A/B grades and working on the ability to do extra-curricular activities. (We have high standards with grades and behavior.)

B2 is adjusting to middle school and has had a little rough patch with his grades. He is discovering who he is as a friend to others. His compassionate heart is a blessing when it comes to kids that are different, but it also opens him up for bullying.

B3 has grown incredibly this past year. (Visit Benji’s Broken Heart for his year in review.)

We have welcomed in a new fur-baby into the family. Just like her fur-siblings, she is a rescue. Beautiful Angel, white husky mix with blue eyes. Hikari, our heeler mix, and the cats have grown to love her too.

For the New Year we are looking forward to graduations, new jobs, and progress. We have decided that we need to be more proactive in our spiritual health as well as our physical health.

What are your goals or resolutions for the New Year?

Was 2014 a good year for you?

Are you looking forward to a new chapter as we start 2015?