Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Life is like a fall of colors!

It is so hard to believe that it is October already! Seems like yesterday I was anticipating my kids all being in school and myself starting my sophomore year in college. Now our temperatures have FINALLY cooled off and we have even had a couple brisk mornings.

I love this time a year. In the mornings on my drive into school it is gorgeous to see the fog with intense colors in the leaves peaking through as the sun wakes up the world. I even find myself looking forward to going over the Cumberland River on the McClure bridge it is so gorgeous. The way the fog rises from the river and surrounds the bridge the image of flying crosses the mind for just a few minutes.

The kids are doing well. G1 had to buckle down and get to work in her classes when she got put on academic alert. I think she is good now. G! and G3 have really enjoyed the marching band season. Their last contest was this past Saturday in Lebanon. The band placed 2nd there. They placed 1st in Waverly the week before.

G2 is doing really good in school. I am praying her IEP meeting later on this month is a discharge from what we are seeing. (She has been on in due to low academics) All the grades we have seen this year are A's and B's. We are really proud of her stepping up and getting it together.

All three boys are doing well in school. B1 is mostly As and Bs and only an occasional behavior flair, none as bad as a couple years ago. (B1 has sensory issues)  B2 is making straight As, but he is so emotional. We are trying to decide if we should leave things alone so he can get used to the fact that there are different types of teachers or if we need to speak to the principal. He has a lot of homework every night and it's a constant battle, but his grades are good. That brings us to B3... I will probably be making a post on his blog about his stuff. He is doing good. He could be doing better. According to one progress report he has all his first 9 weeks skills mastered. According to another sheet he doesn't (and it was done after the other).

So... that is a catch up. I am trying to get my time managed, it can be difficult. My classes are doing good. I may not have a 4.0 this semester, but I am working as hard as I can. :)