Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please Pray

Those that have kept up with us on Twitter know that we were involved in a bad car wreck Sunday evening.
I ask all of our friends and family to please pray for the teen girls that were in the car. They are young and one is fighting for her life. It just shows how one mistake can change the entire life of an individual.

Myself and hubs were banged up pretty good. He has a slight concussion and we both have bruising and soreness. G2 has soreness but being three days after she is feeling almost back to normal. We are praising God that the three boys have no injuries other than seatbelt burn on the neck.

Our family needs prayer for provision. Hubs is off work for the week. He does have vacation time to take as long as his boss let's him use it. We need a replacement vehicle that is compatible with the needs of our family. There is also a matter of our finances being covered. We live on a tight budget.

We believe that God is FAITHFUL and that He is our HEALER and our PROVIDER.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quiet Around the House, nah... Not Really

This week our three girls are at Youth Camp. I made the mistake of thinking that it would result in having a quiet and non-eventful week. I can chuckle at myself for that now.

I did not take into consideration that B3 will not sleep in his room unless G3 is home. This means that he has been sleeping on a pallet in our room. Which is sweet, I understand the change up throwing him off. B3 is very schedule oriented to the extent that he gets in a routine and does not like to change out of that.

We have not done that much this week because it has been raining here and there and with B1 having summer school any trips to the lake or zoo have been nixed too. This leaves three little boys vying for attention and for some unknown reason deciding to not get along. Hubs noted that since the girls are away he thinks the boys are trying to make up for the lack of silliness. lol

B1 and B2 have gotten to do Tae Kwon Do with B3 twice this week and that is a treat for them. B2 found out he made All Stars with Baseball, those practices start tonight.

Overall it's been a laid back week, just having to intervene in the boys playing at higher intervals than normal.

Summer Fun :: Bowling

B3 and G3 getting ready to get some bowling on!
This past weekend we took a visit to our local bowling alley. We were able to do so because of the Kids Bowl Free program. We learned about Kids Bowl Free last year and discovered it was a great deal! 

With Kids Bowl Free, the kids get two FREE games of bowling. All we have to pay for is the shoe rental. Then, for just $24.95 we can add up to four adults and then we all get 2 games free every day of summer. 

The kids really enjoy the bowling. In order to keep our "sensory" kids happy, we go during the day so 
B3 bowling! WooHoo!
it's not too loud for them and they can have fun too.

 We really appreciate that for B3 he is able to use the ramp so he does not get worn out so fast. It's great family fun.

Kids Bowl Free have several participating centers all across the United States. So if you haven't already signed up with them, you should definitely look into it. has not provided any compensation for this post/review.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun :: Eating

Tuesday Nights 5pm-close Kids eat free at Applebee's
The Applebee's in Dickson is running the Kids Eat Free on Tuesday Nights from 5pm to close. Limit 2 kids meals for each adult meal purchased.

Applebee's is also running the 2 for $20 special with select meals and includes an appetizer.

It would be very possible to eat for about $25 with a family of 6. *Don't forget drinks are not included with the adult meals.

Friday, June 10, 2011

That Time of Year Again

For those that "know" us or follow on Twitter, you know that we have two students in band at our local high school. There are always fundraisers to go with being in band and we participate in as many as we can because, as you can imagine... we like to stay cheap.

With that said, the first fundraiser for the 2011-2012 Marching Band Season is upon us.

We are selling Sonic Community First Value Cards. They are $10 a piece and have a value of $27. Of the $10 you spend, $5 goes to the student's band and trip fees while the other $5 goes into the general fund for the School Band.

If you are interested in purchasing the cards from us, please leave a comment with an email and I will get in contact with you. Thank you!

*we do expect to be selling the Smart Card in about a month also.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Fun :: Eating

$1.99 Happy Meals on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
You might want to check your local McDonald's for this one. The one in White Bluff is running this while the one in Dickson is running this or cheaper.
We don't go to McDonald's a lot, but when we go, we look for a deal. Considering B3 always wants the Chicken Nuggets, this is a deal!
Plus, the McDonald's in White Bluff has an outside playground for the kids.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Fun :: Swimming

One of the kids favorite things to do is to go swimming or just play in the creeks. Living in the country makes it easier since there are creeks everywhere it seems (gotta watch for snakes though!)

Last week we went to the swim area at Montgomery Bell State Park. The boys loved splashing around and playing, while the girls took in some sun.

For those in middle Tennessee, the park is on highway 70 in Dickson County. The swim area is free. Do remember it is a lake. There are fish and geese. You can bring a picnic, just no alcohol or glass containers.

We love going to the park because there are hiking trails, playgrounds, campground, creeks, etc. (Me and the hubs got married at the church there even!) It's a beautiful example of God's artistry.