Saturday, October 06, 2012

Ready for Some Hoops?

Our kids are excited this morning, actually they have been excited all week. One of our neighbors gave us their basketball goal since their kids have grown up and no longer live at home. It has been sitting in our driveway all week with them staring at it longingly.

It was awesome that all we had to do was bust off the old concrete and buy a bag of new concrete to install it. Less than five dollars and the kids are set! Let's shoot some hoops!

Mind you, only G3 has ever played on a basketball team. That is okay though, playing basketball will bring many family memories and will be great exercise. As a whole we have been trying to instill traditions that involve exercise and fun with the entire family. This just adds to it.

Just since we have given the okay for the kids to play, the boys have been all about shooting hoops. Mom and Dad are going to have to get out there are teach them some games to play.

What are things your family does to keep active in the fall? What are some things you do to encourage family bonding?