Sunday, April 17, 2011

My terrible, rotten, no good, Praising God anyway day

This past Friday was a really bad day for me. I woke up with body aches and a migraine in which the meds that usually help took an extra long time to work. Slowly, I pressed on. Thankfully, my awesome husband got the kids moving and we were all getting ready for work/school. We ended up being rushed though and that's when things got complicated. As we were preparing to leave, B3 couldn't find the exact jacket that he wanted. We tried to talk him into another one but that just exasperated the little guy. (Quick reminder, B3 has Sensory Processing Disorder) B3 was not happy with the tension of having to hurry up and leave along with not getting the jacket he wanted.

My sweet 52 lb 6 year old went into a full meltdown that ended with him turning his gravity boots on and feeling like he weighed a ton.

G3 found the jacket and got B3 to calm down, a huge Praise God! My meds had started kicking in, another Praise God! This was not to be the end though.

I went to check and make sure the toilet water was clear because the boy cat likes to drink out of it and I notice its backed up and a funky color. Tried to clear it and it resulted in a mess I couldn't deal with while trying to get out the door. Saving specifics, I realized we had a blockage in the septic lines. I start crying as I walk out the door and call hubs since he had already left for work. (Also forgetting to grab breakfast or my water bottle)

Did I mention it was storming Friday morning??

I got the kids safely to school and was not too far of schedule for myself to get to school on time. Hubs said he would take off at lunch to see what he could do and we went from there.

I made a fast food stop for breakfast and then searched for a parking spot on campus. Just as I found a spot, the rain virtually stopped. Praise God I didn't have to walk to class in the pouring rain! Class even went well.

Things were turning around, we just had to figure out what to do with the septic. Another Praise God because Hubs had comp time built up and was able to take off and locate the blockage. Subsequently we found a local repair guy that would let us post date the check.

The moral of this experience is that even though things got stressful and chaotic, we still praised the Lord and it all worked out. Things are MUCH better today!