Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Modesty... Not Just Being Conservative

I have noticed on a few blogs that the issue of modesty is being discussed. It is an issue that our family deals with pretty much daily. (Especially since we have three teen girls now)

Since our oldest daughter, shall we say... "busted out" with puberty we have had an issue with being modest. It's no longer just a make sure you are wearing shorts with that night shirt kinda thing in our house.

The main issue we have is that the "cute" clothes that our eldest wants to wear are not made for her size. When we explain this to her she complains that we want her to be a conservative shrew. Trying to explain the difference between modesty and conservative has been difficult. Thankfully, the high school is helping.

Much to the dismay of most of the students at our local High School, a strict dress code has been put in place. The kids can wear blue jeans or khaki pants or shorts/skirts (to the knee) with a white/navy/red/grey button up or polo shirt. Only one button on the shirt can be undone. The students can also wear shirts that are school sponsored.

I love it! Now, it's not just me that is requiring my kids to dress modestly. The other side is that they are discovering they can be creative and "liberal" while still being modest.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colorful Metaphors

Wow. This post is going to make me sound like an old dried up shrew.

Friday, G3 called me and told me that there was a kid texting her and calling her names and being mean. I did not realize to the extent of what was going on until she got home Sunday afternoon. Hubs and I prayed for her and prayed for wisdom on what to do. At that point some of the messages had gotten erased so I didn't know that we could really do anything.

Then Monday comes. The same kid starts it up again. This times all the messages were saved. We got the kid's number blocked and made sure to lock the messages, including G3's replies.

This morning I drove G3 to school and went in with her to speak with the principal. We ended up speaking with the assistant principal and to my pleasure, discovered that they have implemented a zero tolerance rule for harassment and bullying. We have the assistant principal's word that this will be taken care of.

The really bad part though? We are talking a 13 year old girl using words that you would expect from an old drunken soldier. I was shocked. I mean, I don't consider myself naive, I know kids curse. I am shocked at the extreme of the language.

Do you have issues like that?

(And yes... the title is from Mr. Spock's use of profanity in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Hard to believe it's 7yrs already big boy! This afternoon right about 5p is your official time.
Have a Happy Birthday Bubbalicious! (B2)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

School has Sprung!

Here in middle Tennessee it seems there are kids going back to school all over the place. Many counties are starting early due to the floods in May that cause an abrupt halt to the school year. We are not in one of those counties.

A few years ago (like 9) our county voted to go on a modified year round schedule. I have loved it! The kids like it, seems to be a win/win. We have 9 weeks on 2 weeks off essentially. Our spring break is altered due to Easter and such, but the gist is 9/2. Then we get 8 weeks for summer.

This means we start school at the beginning of August.

Our first day of school was Monday. Had open house for the boys Sunday. Had writers cramp by Sunday evening. All those forms! I am just glad we had most of the school supplies. We have G1, G3, and B3 left to complete on the supply list, but have most of what they need. It never ceases to amaze me by how much is requested to be provided.

Our children are growing up SO fast. G1 is a Sophmore(10th), G2 is in 7th grade, G3 is in 8th grade, B1 is in 3rd grade, B2 is in 2nd grade and this coming Tuesday B3 will "finally" be in Kindergarten. (He added the finally because he doesn't think it is fair his brothers and sisters have already gone back to school.) Seems like yesterday that G1 was starting Kindergarten.

This time of year for us is always hectic and chaotic. We have to stop and breath occasionally or we get caught up in it without knowing what to do with ourselves. "Busy-ness" is not from God. Being busy keeps you from God, so when there is change, it is really important to keep your eyes on God. We have learned that lesson many times and are hoping we finally "got it" so that we don't have to go through it again.

Be Blessed!

Birthday Girl!

13 years ago at 1:04am This beautiful child was born. Hard to believe she is thirteen already!
Happy Birthday G3!