Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

This week is our getting ready for the new school year week. You know, when the sleep schedule gets re-adjusted for school.

It has been quite difficult this year to get the schedule on track. We had attempted to reset last week and came up short. Of course, isn't that why we start adjusting before school starts? That way the kids will have one less adjustment on the first day of school.

Being early to rise has had its share of problems. Hubs gets up super early for work and I am having sleep problems, so it is easy to turn off the alarm for when the kids should be getting up.

The one thing we have been consistent with is bedtime. The boys (9,7,6) go to bed at 8 and G1&3 go to bed at 9 although they like to push it towards 10. G2 is our only middle schooler this year so she gets 8:30 right now. Now if only the cats would comply. Haha!

What time do your kids go to bed? Do you keep sleep schedules the same all year long or relax during summer break?

Monday, July 25, 2011

How Ya Doing?

How ya doing? Simple question right? Simple question without a simple answer.

Since the wreck on Father's Day I have had many people ask me how I am. To be honest? I don't know.

Physically. I think I'm doing pretty good. The hematoma on my leg has gone down some. Still can't wear my tennis shoes though. I am still achy in my back and hips but I think on most days it is getting better. I only have unexplained migraines on the days I don't get at least six hours of sleep. (So I guess they are explained huh?)

Emotionally? I have a lot of anxiety if I am in a vehicle smaller than an Expedition. I have flashbacks and nightmares of the wreck. I blame myself for the injuries that my husband is having to work through. I am grumpy, I blame the fact of me not writing because I lost my glasses in the wreck and I don't read to relax for the same reason.

Spiritually my soul sings. God saved us from being injured worse. God has provided us with a replacement vehicle. The four kids that were in the wreck with us are fine aside from one or two concerned about being in another wreck.

My concerns come in when people think my husband is fine. He's not. He has uncontrollable tremors when he gets stressed, fatigued, or hot. He is on medication to help with it so he could go back to work but he has a long road. I wish people could understand the extent of the damage brain trauma can cause and it takes a lot of time to heal. We believe that God is healing him, it's just taking time.

So, how ya doing?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Can Change In an Instant, Are You Prayed Up?

On an ordinary Father's Day with only the intent to run in to the city for a nice dinner we were unaware of how our evening would be spent.

As we prepared to leave the house I said my customary prayer asking God to put angels around us to protect us. (We have seen many near misses in traffic, plus going into the city tends to put us more at risk) One year when two of the kids were going through some things we all memorized Psalms 91:11 'And the Lord will command His angels to watch over you'. As a family, we have held on to this verse.

It was to be a 45 minute drive from the house to the restaurant we were going to eat at. When we were not even ten minutes away a car did a u-turn in front of us. We were doing the speed limit in an Expedition, they were in a Saturn. The only thing that can explain what happened is that angels protected us. The collision hit in the 'right' spot to prevent an explosion or instant death. Neither vehicle flipped. An eyewitness described the driver of the Expedition to have 'cat like reflexes' in regard to the accident. My opinion is that the angels watching over us moved the truck.

We still are praying for the girls in the Saturn. We don't know how they are, but we pray that they know Jesus.

The four of our children that were with us are doing well. G2 had seatbelt bruising and bruised her arm when the truck spun. The boys had seatbelt burn. We praise God for this, He protected all of us.

Hubs and myself are still dealing with our injuries, but the Lord is with us.

So, before you go anywhere or do anything... Are you prayed up?

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Our family would like to wish your families a very Happy Independence Day. May you all stay safe and enjoy this time of family and friend gatherings.

We pray the Lord protect you.
- The Johnsons