Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Busy Weekend

This was a big BUSY weekend for our family.

G3 had her 8th grade prom Friday night. I got to chaperone since the storm hit right as we went in (I don't drive in storms and this one had hail). It was fun. They took tons of pictures.

Saturday the schedule got crazy!

B3 had his Tae Kwon Do testing at 11am. He was excited and anxious, and did good. His sparing looked great, he even blocked most hits. The moment that really tickled him was that he broke a board.

B2 had baseball rescheduled for 4. He did great playing 3rd base for the first time. At his third at bat he hit a double bringing in 2 runs and then got a run himself too. He was on cloud nine!

G1 and G3 had their band banquet. There was a lot of fun had by all! The high school band really has a lot of talent. G3 was excited because not only was she the only 8th grader to be in the marching band this year, her section was voted Outstanding Section. (Saxophones)

Leaving the band banquet early G3 had a softball game at 8. In. The. Rain. On. Muddy. Field. The teams rocked it. Our girls were ready and a real team. The opponent did good too. Playing the last inning due to time, we were at bat with a tied score. Two batters got on base and G3 was up. On the first pitch she hit an in the park game winning homerun!. (She's still on cloud nine)

Now, Sunday is our day of rest. Much needed rest.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thankful for So Much

For those that read that April 17th post, you know it was rough here for a bit.

It always seems that when we are not prepared that everything bad that can happen does. The answer that I keep getting reminded about to this predicament? Be prepared.

There are many ways to be prepared though so I feel I should clarify. By being prepared, I mean to be prayed up. God is our provider. Our family has learned that so much and it seems we are much like the Israelites in forgetting about it at times. God will brings us through something and things go well for awhile, then something else happens and we freak out not knowing what to do.

Personally I have learned that God cares. He cares so much that He gave us a playbook. I can hear the sighs now, what play book? It's the Bible. An interesting thing about the book of God's Word, it is the Living Word. See, when you are prayed up and staying in the Word, the answers come to you. It's not like a crystal ball or magic. God reveals Himself in the Word.

To get back to the topic of this post? I am so very thankful that my freak out when crisis hit was short lived. Even in the middle of the freak out I was praising God that it He was taking care of it. He guided us to the right people to call and He reminded us how quickly payday was coming and He provided for all of our needs even when it looked like we were in trouble financially. 

I am also thankful that I survived another semester in college, and even managed to do better than I thought I would. It was a rough semester, but the Lord brought me through it.

Thinking about Motherhood

Being a mom is a privilege. Not everybody that wants to be a mom can, and not everybody that can be a mom wants to be. 

I remember when I was planning my life and my career that I had decided I was not going to have children; I was just going to go in the Navy and achieve my dream position in Norad. Obviously, “MY” plan for my life did not come about.  

When it came time to talk to my parents about what I was going to do once graduating high school I was told no to the Navy. The part that surprised me was that I listened. It may have been the only thing I listened about in those rocky teen years, but that obedience has put me where I am today.

I can honestly say that if somebody had told me seventeen years ago that I would have six children that call me mom and that I enjoyed it most of the time, I would have thought they were crazy.

Being a mom is not easy. There is the sleepless nights, the fixing boo boos, therapies (for special needs kids), sporting events, band concerts, being there when they are disappointed, and the list goes on. However, there are also snuggles and cuddles and the goofing off times that far outweigh the hard times.

While I can mope about not being a perfect mom, I choose not to. Instead, I choose to seize the day and enjoy my kids. And looking at my calendar, I will have many opportunities to do so!