Monday, October 10, 2016

REVIEW: Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack-XL.

organic wool dryer ballsIn seeking healthier methods to take care of my family and also save money, I purchased Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack-XL by Feeling Fluffy. I was not too sure how my family would  respond to having "fluffy balls" in their laundry.

The first person to adjust was Hubby. He wanted his dryer sheets. His argument was that the dryer sheets didn't really cost that much and added a nice fragrance to the laundry. The answer to cost is that while the dryer balls are an expense at the beginning, after a month or two (3-4 for average sized families), the balls are cheaper.

The next person to complain was G3, the college student. Her complaint was that the balls get stuck in her laundry, specifically her sheets and blankets. But, she did notice that the laundry dried quicker.

What I have noticed since purchasing in November 2015:

  1. My dryer runs a lot less = lower electricity usage
  2. Our clothes seem to be softer.
  3. We now have fewer chemicals in our lives, I don't purchase fabric softener at all .
Tricks we learned to make everybody happy:
  1. I put a drop or two of essential oil on each ball about once a week.
  2. I don't over dry my clothes to prevent static.
  3. I use at least 6 per load (we ended up buying another set)

The only true problem we have run into is that if the laundry sits, the balls get misplaced in the basket. So we have to stay on top of the laundry, which is good practice anyway with this brood.

As I am finishing this up, The bed set (comforter, mattress pad, fitted sheet, and flat sheet) that I put in the dryer 20 minutes ago is done. That used to take at least 45 minutes and rearranging to get dry before.

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